Thursday, 4 September 2014

Roberts R707 Transistor Portable

The Roberts R707 was first produced in 1969. It was Roberts attempt to meet the competition from the Hacker Sovereign.
The R707 was known for its good bass "tone", low battery consumption (it takes 2 x 996 batteries, still available) and the fragility of the IF module! The one pictured, for example, works well on MW, LW and VHF, but not a peep on SW (49m band only). 
Nonetheless, a great old radio; I bought one originally in around 1969, but returned it to the retailer, because the dial cord kept sticking and slipping!

The rear view showing the large 6v batteries and a reasonable sized ferrite antenna. I have adjusted this for maximum gain across the MW and LW. The speaker is a Rola (Celestion) of dimensions 7 x 4 inches and the audio output is 1.5W.