Friday, 12 December 2014

12th December 1949

I think I'm allowed to celebrate my birthday on here. My birthday!!!
So 65 years ago it all happened from my point of view - I appeared into the world. 

I had to wait another 12 years before I got my first radio - a MW and LW only Stella ST415T transistor portable:

Oh, to find one of these on EBay!
Anyway, looking forward to many more years of listening pleasure ...


  1. Happy birthday Terry... I enjoy keeping up to date with what you are tuning in to as I have pretty similar reception up here in the Midlands.... all the best, Glen

  2. Happy Birthday, Terry. Hope you had a 55555 day. Best wishes from Malaysia and 73s, Timm

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. Thanks also for reading the blog!