Monday, 8 December 2014

Logs of Monday 8th December

6290 @ 1555 Hitmix - 34333; German music
6305 @ 1638 Merlin - 35444; "Hot Love"

Tecsun PL-360 Portable Receiver
MW/LW/SW AM and 76 or 87.0 - 108mhz FM 

Also covers 9/10 khz MW frequency gaps and temperature display in degrees F/C. 
The temperature display is linked to the frequency gap in that the Fahrenheit setting works with the 10khz (USA) MW setting and the Celsius with the 9khz (Europe) MW gap. 
The "High Sensitivity AM Antenna" really does make a difference to the MW reception and can null out an interfering station on the same channel effectively, although LW reception is not all that great. 
FM is good though and sounds especially nice with the enclosed headphones.
There is an antenna cable, a small manual, an attached belt clip and a light carry case to complete the package. 
The radio can be charged (if it has rechargeable batteries) with a standard USB cable (not included).
The reception on the 48m band is roughly same as on the Tecsun PL-600, although much tinnier in sound. It all seems a good value package for £28.50 (on a well known auction site), although it took eleven days to arrive from the dealer (who said two days postage!)


ordered this small portable to take walking with me. Not used it portable yet, but I will in the next week or two.  Maybe more to follow .....


  1. good review ,terry. i use the tecsun pl-380. this little receiver works well .it has fm stereo,with head phones,sw/mw/lw dsp receiver.i use this receiver for pirate bands. which i find the reception of pirates good..

  2. Thank you for your comments. It was either the 380 or the 360. I decided on the 360 purely because of the belt clip! Maybe I will get a 380 next time.