Saturday, 28 March 2015

Logs of Saturday 28th March 2015

6285 @ 1148 The Gardener - 23222; "Johnny Remember Me" - Johnny leyton, ID, in and out of the noise
9290 @ 1210 Mirabelle - 24322; "Roller Coaster" - Luke Bryan, "Cold Beer With Your Name on It" by Josh Thompson @ 1235
6285 @ 1225 Odynn - 24322; Rock track, CD @ 1226
6910 @ 2025 Premier - 35434; "I'm So Excited" by  Pointer Sisters, the Proclaimers - "I'm Gonna Be" (500 miles)
6950 @ 2101 Mirabelle - 24322; "Hey Brother" - Avicii
4026 @ 2104 Laser HH - 35434; "Swing Your Daddy" - Jim Gilstrap, "Don't Drop Bombs" - Lisa Minnelli
5897U @ 2107 BarraQuda - S9; Barry White song, "Spacer" - Shelia & B Devotion, "Mr Big Stuff" - Lyn Collins
6325 @ 2211 Norton - 35333; Greetings from the Netherlands - Dutch music
6290 @ 2301 NMD - 35434; "Little Green Bag" - George Baker Selection, "Spicks and Specks" - Bee Gees

The MV Communicator 

The MV Commnuicator was the home to Laser 558.
The photo was taken on the same day as the Ross Revenge (Caroline) ones. (see Friday 27th and Thursday 26th March blog entries)
The photograph is believed to have been taken in Summer 1984, but could have been anytime between May 1984 and late 1986 (from my personal collection)

Confirmation from Radio Nemo

I have been an active SWL for over 50 years, but since listening regularly to hobby or "pirate" radio stations, I am amazed at the persistence and application of the operators of these often simple stations. I am also constantly reminded of how small power can often go a long distance when coupled to a decent antenna.

I heard two new ones for me yesterday: Radio Nemo and The Gardener Radio. Both were courteous enough to reply to me and give me details of their stations. Radio The Gardener informed me that the email address is:

Radio Nemo confirmed I had heard him by email. I reproduce some of the email below:

Thank you very much for this email. Very nice to hear.
Yesterday it was my first time on the KG. 
The transmitter is a little one: el84......... about 6 watt and a long wire antenna about 50 mtr.
The transmitter i have built it Yesterday

Thanks again and regards from Holland.....
Radio Nemo

Wow! Hand built yesterday, 6 watts and on the air in the evening - great stuff! 
Best wishes to Radio Nemo and all stations who who take part in this fascinating hobby of ours!

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