Thursday, 26 March 2015

Logs of Thursday 26th March 2015

6305 @ 1714 Odynn - 35434; Dutch track, Jingle Ids, "Grunchy Granola Suite" by Percy Faith Orchestra
6290 @ 1724 Hitmix - 24423; Instrumental music & ID in German, signing off
3930 @ 2044 Batavia - 24322; ID, Medley: "In the Mood, Tico Tico" by the Andrews Sisters
4026 @ 2049 Laser HH - 45534; "You Showed Me" by The Turtles
5897U @ 2051 BarraQuda - S9; "Real Girl" by Mutya Buena, "Clouds Across The Moon" by The Rah Band
1638 @ 2230 Calimero - 24222; "Vous Permettez, Monsieur" by Adamo, "If I Only Had  A Chance" by BZN

I have only a half size G5RV for all bands, and it is low efficiency on Medium Wave, so all the stations I hear are strong ones.

The "Ross Revenge"

This photo is of Radio Caroline and its splendid red and white antenna mast (from my personal collection)
The photograph is believed to have been taken in Summer 1984, but could have been anytime between May 1984 and late 1986.

More photos over the next few days of the Ross Revenge (Radio Caroline) and the MV Communicator (home of Laser 558)

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