Monday, 11 May 2015

Logs of Monday 11th May 2015

6395 @ 1811 Rode Adelaar - 35434; "Oh Lonesome Me" by The Walkers
6205U @ 1817 @ Felix - S9: "Benzin" by Rammstein
6950 @ 1821 Mirabelle - 24333; "Just when I Needed You Most", "Ours" by Taylor Swift
6305 @ 1831 Nemo - 34334; "Dragon Slayer" by Koto
6300 @ 1918 Ascona - 35444; Test new Delta loop antenna, Dutch track
6295 @ 2037 Montferland - 3-45534; "Yepp" by BZN, "Popcorn" by Team-X, "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" by Boys Town Gang, Bruce Hornsby - "That's The Way It Is" @ 2054

Return of GSV Scotland?

It has been reported to me that GSV (Good Ship Venus, Scotland) will return at some point in the not too too distant future from a new location on the coast. Look out for GSV around 6400khz in the 48m band. Source: Pirate Radio Chat and the operator of GSV Scotland.

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  1. great news about the return of GVS .looking forward to there return. listen up you web trools leave the station alone. when they return. you got nothing better to do with your life. i bet you read these pages.go away.