Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Celtica Radio

When the Shortwave band is closed or there are no active stations, I often scour the internet for new stations to add to my saved list on the Denon Network Player. I came across a new station the other day and have been listening to it since.

It is a former independent commercial radio station called "Celtica Radio". This station has an interesting history: and a long list of experienced presenters. As I understand it, Celtica plays only music from established and new artists that is out of the jurisdiction of the Performing Rights Society, or Phonographic Performance Ltd.

Have a listen and see whether you agree with my assessment: It is a professional sounding station with an obvious UK sound, but with a definite Welsh flavour. You can find links to listen here:

Many UK stations on the air do not succeed in sounding like they are in any way local, being the output of large commercial enterprises. Celtica sounds to me like a station that would deliver that elusive local feel to the target  audience in Bridgend and Wales in general.

Wikipedia page here:

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