Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Distribution of Pirates heard by Country (48 and 43 metre band) in July

I did a list of all the "free" stations heard by myself in the 6mHz shortwave bands during July and came up with the following totals. 
I did not include stations like Laser where the location is uncertain, disputed or unknown.
Not surprisingly, the number of stations heard from the Netherlands was the biggest again. 

Denmark: 1                  Poland: 1            Czech Republic: 1        Finland: 1           Germany: 2                Norway: 1          Italy 7             U.K: 10        

The Netherlands: 52


  1. terry in the late 80s to early 90 s there were a lot of uk stations then. a lot have left the air. we had, live wire radio radio zodiac sub sounds bri,recc.uk radio,uranium,just to name a few so in the uk we had a lot then.

  2. I wonder what has happened to those names? Many memories there!