Monday, 7 September 2015

Logs of Monday 7th September 2015

Not great conditions today: heard Transatlantic Broadcast in the late afternoon and early evening, but did not log details. The only other station I heard was:

6240 @ 1915 Digital - 45534; endless polka style instrumental music

Distribution of Pirates heard by Country (48 and 43 metre band) in August

I did a list of all the "free" stations heard and logged  by myself in the 6 mHz shortwave bands during August and came up with the following totals. 

I did not include any stations where the location is uncertain, disputed or unknown. Also the totals may include some stations who operate under different names.

This analysis just gives an indication of where stations operate from. 
In the Free Radio world, nothing is certain!

France: 1                         Austria:1                          Czech Rep: 1             Germany: 2                            Finland: 2 
Italy: 9                             UK: 9

The Netherlands: 51

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