Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pirate Chat

I have had quite a few emails from readers of the Blog asking about the current service status of "iann's pirate radio chat" as they were unable to log in.

The advice from Iann is to go to: and then onto iann's website.

I can get in using Windows 10 and the Opera browser.

Good Luck .....!

Marconi Radio International

MRI will be on the air testing on 11390 kHz:

Wednesday 11th November 1600 - 1900
Saturday 14th November 1300 - 1430
Sunday 15th November 0900 - 1300

Radio Zeewolf

You get to know some operators very well on the Pirate Chat through chatting regularly. Zeewolf has been helpful and offered good, informative advice over the last few years. 

It was not good news to read this from Wizard's MW Blog:

All the best Herman and I hope we can still have a chat from time to time .....

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