Monday, 30 November 2015

Logs of Monday 30th November 2015

6325 @ 1203 Monique - 34333; "Caroline" by The Fortunes, DJ talking about The Ross Revenge

I put my resolution (see below) into practice today and stayed listening to Radio Monique throughout his broadcast. Mind you, there were no other stations at that time


It may seem a strange title for a heading, but isn't that what we short wave listeners are supposed to do? 
It occurred to me as I was tuning around the bands yesterday that I certainly am guilty of collecting as many different stations as I can as quickly as possible. 

Now that may be a side issue of running a blog such as this, but I resolved to spend a little more time pushing the MEMORY button on a frequency and actually listening to the station. 
Most free radio stations put a considerable amount of money, time and effort into their equipment and produce a really good show and deserve a little more respect than being listened to for 30 seconds!

So yesterday I listened to Radio Montferland on 6290 until the signal faded away almost completely and stayed put for a good time on 6330 with Zender Zodiac. Both stations played good entertaining music and produced an enjoyable show.
I did quickly flit around the bands to see what was going on, but returned to the station I had in memory.

I will try and carry on listening!!

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  1. Hi Terry. I've got to agree with you 100 per cent on this subject. I feel that many pirate listeners don't actually do enough listening... instead they tend to collect stations. I am guilty of this sometimes but I do often pick one station and stay tuned for a while or record it and listen at a later time when there is nothing else to listen to. I find actually listening to a station is easier when you're not logged into the chat room too as you are unaware of other stations that might be broadcasting at that time. I reckon more people should stay tuned for longer not just a few minutes so they can email in for a qsl card and then move on to the next. Anyway, keep up the good work Terry.