Friday, 18 December 2015

Logs of Friday 18th December 2015

6207 @ 1549 Goofy - 24222; ID, Radio Goofy, music
6285 @ 1551 Focus (tent) - 34333; Wonderful Radio London jingle, "Your Unchanging love" by Marvin Gaye

I also heard stations at the same time on 6295 and 6305, but I heard no IDs. Somebody on the Chat suggested 6305 was R Marabu. We shall see on Saturday!

Radio Zeewolf

It is good to hear that Radio Zeewolf has been able to renew his interest in "Hobby" radio after having received "The Letter" from the AT in the Netherlands. He is experimenting with a miniwhip antenna and will report his logs in the coming weeks. Good Luck! 
Further details (in Dutch) on his website: The title is: "Verder met ontvangsten uit 2015"

Computer problems

The good news: SanDisk are replacing my SSD under the 3 year warranty. The bad news: I am still having problems with my PC. Two PCI slots on the motherboard seem to be not working and I have lost my wi-fi card and audio card. I am using an Ethernet link to the Broadband router which is fine, but the sound card is a real loss. I think I need to replace the motherboard, but do I have the nerve to remove the FX-6300 processor and place it in a new motherboard? Watch this space. Anyone know a computer expert?
Seriously though I could do with some advice ....

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