Monday, 7 March 2016

Logs of Monday 7th March 2016

6205 @ 1239 Energy FM (Tenerife) - 35433; Relayed via? "I Just Died" by Duncan & Wilde
6319 @ 1811 Goofy - 24222; Metnotstand Im Märchenland by Feueschwanz

LittleFeat Radio heard in the States

On Saturday evening, LittleFeat Radio was heard in Newfoundland (Canada) and also in the USA near Boston, in New Hampshire and also Virginia. LFR broadcast was around 2325 UTC to 0002. The verification is on HF Underground.

The Mighty KBC on 6095 AM

From KBC's Facebook page:

Due to the lack of new sponsors, the Mighty KBC will close down on 6095 on March 27th. We will soon announce if we continue on shortwave on 6040 to the USA. We will improve our 1602AM /DAB+ service. This will happen on April 1st.

Geronino Shortwave QSL

QSL for reception on the 21st February 2016 on 6280 kHz @ around 0955. Thanks to the Geronimo team!

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