Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Radio Batavia update

18th March 2016 - 6070 kHz on Radio 292 from 1200 UTC

A further update on the Radio Batavia event for all Pirates everywhere.
For all enthusiasts that are living far from the transmitter site:

At http://www.radiobatavia.wix.com/mijnsite there are 2 online radios tuned at the 6070, just a click on one of the listen links and enjoy 😉

Further there is a special Batavia fansite: http://www.fanradiobatavia.co.nr not only info about Batavia but also nice movies about offshore radio.

Jack Mus
Peace brought by radio can only be real if the radio station is free from government control

Working Together... For Peace Sake...!           piratesforpeace@hotmail.com

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