Sunday, 1 May 2016

6205 AM Test broadcast - new SW station?

I was listening this morning to 6205 SW (mostly because the band was very dead this morning with poor propagation). The station was not Energy FM, as it has been in recent weeks. An email address was given: Listeners were invited to send in reception reports.

An announcement was made by the presenter that a new radio station will begin on FM in Tenerife in the next few weeks. This station will also transmit on short wave on 6205. 

He went on to say that the station has nothing to do with Euro Radio or Laser - it is their own transmitter. 

He later said that the blogs have been wrongly reporting that the station has something to do with Euro radio and one of the purposes of coming on air was to clear this up.

We shall see what transpires... (and thanks to the deejay for mentioning my name and the Blog!)

The station is also advertising for presenters, which I found after a Google search:

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