Saturday, 18 June 2016

Logs of Saturday 19th June 2016

5840 @ 2122 Sluwe Vos - 34434; "St.Elmo's Fire" by John Parr, "The Eve Of The War" by Jeff Wayne
5805 @ 2125 Laser - 44444; "Crocodile Tears" by Kryder
6205 @ 2128 Coast FM - 35434; Tenerife FM station via SW in Ire, "Broken Heels" by Alexandra Burke, "Bad Girls" by Donna Summer
6260 @ 2130 Joey - 3-45434; "Knock On Wood" by Ami Stewart
6305 @ 2132 Skywave - 34333; "Love & Pride" by King
5850U @ 2240 Panda - s9+10; "Na Na Na" by The Shoes, "Grace" by Simon Webbe, 35444


  1. 6232 500 is someone testing. as the programme is the same that keep going around and around and around.

  2. Yes, I agree. 6232.37 (which is what my rx says) is someone testing. It would not have been too hard to include a ID in the loop, which would have pleased the listeners. Perhaps the op does not want the tx to be identified!

  3. thanks for your reply terry. i think we can guess who that op is. ..... fill in the dots terry. you should come up with the answer.dont know why they dont no ids. silly.