Saturday, 6 August 2016

SDRs - Software Defined Receivers

Before I get going with the subject of this blog entry, I will start by saying it is not a series of reviews!

I am relatively inexperienced with using SDRs, although I owned an ELAD FDM-S2 for around 6 months. I liked the ELAD, but found the software rather fussy and over complicated. That of course, is a personal opinion. I have also tried a Colibri DDC SDR, which I found great above 2 mHz, but I expect I was doing something wrong because it overloaded on Medium Wave frequencies.

I have been recommended a Microtelecom Perseus SDR, but the dealer I use was out of stock and the price was expected to increase because of the fall in value of the pound sterling by around 15% (after a recent referendum). £660 is a lot of money for a product that is effectively old technology.

So what now? There is the SDRplay, an inexpensive SDR (around (£120), but I read that overload is a possibility in the LF spectrum, and the Cross Country Wireless SDR-4+ (around £200), but I know nothing about this box (It does not cover the LF part of MW or LW either). Also it is hard to find unbiased reviews on the Internet, apart from ones I have read in RadCom or Radio User.

So the requirements are: 

1. a SDR that will receive Medium Wave (at the HF end especially), 

2. work well on the 48 metre band and 

3. not overload with a Wellbrook loop antenna!

I shall carry out further research. More to follow .... and comments are, of course, welcome.


Friday 5th August to Monday 8th August 2016

Just a reminder that GB5RC is operating from the Ross Revenge this weekend until Monday.

Signals were heard here yesterday evening in the 40 and 80 metre bands with good strength. 

Details here:


  1. Terry, hi ! I'm using my Elad FDM-S2 with different antennas. They are all passive in design. One is a longwire, which gives a very strong signal on MW and 48 meters. I have never had overloading difficulties with Elad. Try using SDR-Console to control S2. Version 2 is more straight forward to use and versatile in sound quality management than Elad-FDMSW2.

  2. I am beginning to think that the Elad is one of the only reasonably priced SDRs that do not overload.. I had no problems with it. Thanks for the advice. Terry

  3. Hey old bean i use the Perseus sdr for transatlantic dx on mw and personally i cant find anything that can touch it but as you said a bit pricey cheers Jimmy

  4. Hi ol' chap... Maybe I just have to bite the bullet and buy the Perseus.. Everyone tells me how good they are. I was put off by the sales guy! Cheers. Terry

  5. Hi there Terry,
    I'm using a pmsdr from rf system works fine here also on 48mb.

    Regards quadzilla

  6. Hi Quad,
    Thank you for the information.. I will look that SDR up on Google.
    Nice to know you read the Blog!