Sunday, 28 May 2017

Borderhunter Summer Meeting 2017 information

Hi Free Radio and pirate fans! It's already time for another one! On Friday the 30th June; Saturday the 1st and Sunday the 2nd of July, everyone of distinction in the scene meets once again – both listeners and stations! On this particular weekend, it is planned that the next Borderhunter summer meeting (well-known and well-loved across Europe) will take place. Only those who already know about this fantastic meeting understand what those who stay at home miss.

As in every year, the question of where to stay overnight is no problem! You can stay in a car, tent, caravan, hotel, B&B or at the accommodation at the camp site (complete with beds, but bring a sleeping bag) – everything can be brought along, as everything is provided for. The meeting begins officially on Saturday, as usual. In addition, every year many hobbyists travel on Friday, which the boss of the organisation also has no problem with. Everyone is always most cordially welcome at any time!

You can safely leave your picnic basket at home with your mother – the selection of meals and drinks is so vast, that you will be a little bit heavier when you return home on Sunday! All this and more is at affordable prices. However in order not to drive the meeting organisation into financial ruin, there is a small contribution of 2 Euros per person which is obligatory.

Radio Borderhunter will organise a meeting for friends of the free radio and pirate hobby that is not only unique, but will also remain unsurpassed – that we promise all hobbyists! In order that we can better plan, we request that you let us know when you are coming, in advance if possible. As we want to make sure that we have enough food beforehand, for example.

Reservations, applications and questions should be directed to the following e-mail address: or to PO Box 2702, 6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands.
The exact route to the meeting in NL will be given in advance. Most of you will know it from previous years. Our motto for this meeting, as always is: come, see, be amazed and feel at home.

All free radio friends are cordially welcome at the BORDERHUNTER SUMMER MEETING on the 30th June until the 2nd of July 2017!!!

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