Vintage QSLs

QSL from WKBW Buffalo, NY

QSL for reception of WKBW on the 19th February 1965, presumably in the late evening.

Radio Prague QSL from 1964

Radio Prague QSL for reception on the 24th December 1964 on 1286 kHz @ 2200 UTC
Notice the text refers to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) and kc/s (kilocycles/second)

QSL from Radio Sweden in 1964

QSL received for reception on 1178 kHz on the 27th December 1964 of Radio Sweden in English

Ici La Suisse - Switzerland Calling 1972

QSL received for reception on 6.165 mHz on the 15th March 1972, beamed to Europe

Switzerland Calling: QSL received from Radio Switzerland in 1965

QSL received for reception on 9.665 mHz on the 9th August 1965, at the time when broadcasts were beamed at the UK and Ireland

QSL from Hilversum Radio

QSL confirmation received in 1966 for reception of Hilversum 3 on 1250 kHz (from when I lived in Norfolk many years ago)

Radiodiffusion - Télévision Algérienne

Algerian Radio QSL from 1964 on 890 kHz

Radio Luxembourg QSL

RTL QSL from 1965 on 6090 kHz

Vintage QSL from Radio Nederland

QSL from March 1972 for reception of  Radio Nederland on 6020 kHz. The special QSL was to commemorate the opening in 1971 of a relay station on the island of Madagsacar. 

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