Friday, 6 May 2016

Logs of Friday 6th May 2016

6305 @ 1613 Norton - 24222; Dutch music and chat
6330 @ 1657 Orion 2000 - 35333; "It's The End of the World As We Know It" by R.E.M.
6285 @ 1700 Focus - 33333; Morse QRM, "Come On Home" by Wayne Fontana
6226 @ 1710 Telefunken - 35434; Polka time, "This is audio test from RTI, The Netherlands"
6307 @ 1848 Goofy - 24222; ID, "Chybas" by Anita Soul
5805 @ 2008 Focus - 3-45433; "Motorcycle Emptiness" by Manic Street Preachers
5835 @ 2014 Laser - 35434; "Trying To get Over" by D Train
6303 @ 2029 Batavier - 35433; "Help" by The Beatles, later 6300
6400L @ 2031 Felix -s9+10; Reggae music, "Khaki Suit" by Damian Marley
6222 @ 2034 Desperado - 33333; "Dancing In The Street" by David Bowie & Mick Jagger, utility QRM
3930 @ 2050 Batavia - 34333; "The Best Disco In Town" by The Ritchie Family
4015 @ 2053 Laser - 45534; "Nothing Like This" by Blonde & Craig David
5890 @ 2155 Batavia - 35333; "Power To All Our Friends" by Cliff Richard, peaks 45433
6205 @ 2159 Horizon FM - 3-45434; News, relay. "Shut Up & Dance" by Walk The Moon
4026 @ 2208 Laser - 35433; Nigel Farage speech (yawn!) "Love Will Set You Free" by Starchaser. 

Slightly annoyed that Laser seemed to be promoting the idea of Britain exiting the EU. I am not commenting for either side; I would be equally disturbed if they were promoting the Remain side; I just don't feel this is the correct media outlet. Thankfully there is not a huge audience.


  1. Hi young Terry,

    thanks a lot for any further log of me there at such totally small island!

    Mr. Goofy

    1. Thank you Mr Goofy for your expert contribution to the Blog. I have a bone for you ........
      Young Terry

  2. Hi Terry

    Laser takes a neutral stance, however every DJ is free to express his or her opinion on any topic. The government have taken a side and are actively campaigning when many feel they should remain neutral. I feel that the UK media (particularly the BBC, probably due to it's receipt of EU money) is taking a biased view of the EU referendum in its reporting style. Its apparent to me that coverage and propaganda from the remain camp has been given a disproportionate amount of airtime. There has not been much coverage of the leave campaign speakers - let alone a £9.3 million leaflet to explain the reasons for remaining so I am helping redress that balance in my show. This referendum is the single most important vote many of us will have in our lifetimes so it is important we get it right. The future of the United Kingdom depends on it.

  3. Thank you, Martin, for your explanation of why the material was presented in your show. I have a personal view and I try and keep that private, but to be honest I never enjoy the rhetoric and blatant lies you hear from speakers on either side. I was enjoying listening to Laser yesterday evening and personally did not want my pleasure to be disturbed by yet more European discussion. I have stopped reading the daily newspaper and watching the evening news to avoid more of the same. Let us have the referendum which is as you rightly state the single most important vote in our lifetimes. I happen to think for what it is worth that the UK will survive and prosper whether we remain or whether we leave the EU. It is the degree of prosperity that will differ according to our decision.
    But thank you again for your contribution and hope you understand my comments last evening. It is flattering indeed to know that a Laser presenter is reading my Blog.
    Best Regards. Terry

  4. Hi Terry. This subject gives me a great reason to go into speech radio mode in my shows, which I have to admit I like doing occaisonally. One of the clips of a commentator that I played last Sunday was saying pretty much the same thing that you have - that the UK will survive whether we remain or whether we leave the EU. The thing people need to decide is how much better will things be if we leave or remain. Not too long to go until the referendum anyway.
    Your blog is really useful to the whole hobby of sw radio and especially to us to see how we are coming through day to day- keep it up!
    Best regards

  5. Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your nice comments about the Blog. The Blog takes some time to keep online and comments like yours make that worthwhile. Of course, many of the Laser presenters are SW hobbyists, pirate deejays or SWLs! I will keep a closer eye on the Laser frequencies.

    Best Regards. Terry