Monday, 30 May 2016

Logs of Monday 30th May 2016

6305@ 1605 Merlin  - 3-45434; 45444 @ 1608, "Mysterious" by Twilight 22
6305 @ 2041 Verona - 3-45434; Dutch tracks, ID from Chat, "Ik Schrif Je Naam" by Les Amis @ 2046

I heard Pirana on 6325 @ 2058 playing Artem's WOM, running 8 watts, but so much thunderstorm QRN, that giving a SINPO was difficult.

Thanks to Radio Merlin for coming on the air today and giving a good signal late afternoon to this part of England. Conditions are not great around midday and early afternoon at the moment, but Merlin gave it a go! Thanks Paul!

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