Thursday, 30 November 2017

Logs of Thursday 30th November 2017

Freq Time
1625 1918 Edelkampioen - 35434 "Wini Wini" by Het Radi Ensemble, ID jingle in Dutch
1626 2044 Poema - 35434 "Life" by Haddaway, reports to other stations in Dutch (QSO)

A index = 5, K index = 3, SN = 12 @ 1923 UTC

You get so used to listening on a good antenna. I have forgotten just how good the Wellbrook Loop is at pulling in the signals from across the North Sea. Although I am hearing some of the stronger stations on the Tatung / Tecsun loop combination, the weaker stations are being lost in the noise. The laptop charger gives off alarming amounts of RF noise and the sewage pump seems to be emitting noise in this location as well.
I have been on amazing walks so far this week in great weather. We have had only a little of the snow that seems to falling toward the east of England. So a very enjoyable stay.. if only I could get the radio reception to be nearly as good as at home!

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