Monday, 8 January 2018

Raising The Antenna

I climbed the ladder and raised the inverted V antenna for 48 metres back to its usual height this afternoon. I had lowered it last week before the 50 mph winds that rattled round my home location. The job is relatively easy; it only goes up and down about 2.5 metres, but lowering it is enough to protect the whole system when it is windy.

Whenever I raise it again, I always try and sneak it up another few centimetres! I can honestly say it it the highest it has ever been - I had to slacken the two legs of the inverted V to make them less taut. I am sure it will at the very least not be any worse than previously!

No logs today; I heard no stations except for an UNID on MW.

A index = 3, K index = 3, SN = 11 @ 2201 UTC

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