Friday, 9 February 2018

Logs of Thursday 8th February 2018

Freq Time
1647 1907 Batavier - 35333 Greetings to other stations, ID
1621 2016 Digital - 35434 ID and chat in Dutch, “Kon-Tiki” by The Guitar King
1620 2054 Meteor - 35433 Chat in Dutch and ID, “Johnny, Kom Weer Hier” by The Young Sisters @ 2056, later on 1622
1638 2113 Bluebird - 3-45544 Polka and other Dutch songs, “Stumme Signale” by Claudia Jung @ 2146

I heard a station on 6320 around 0941 UTC playing "Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress" by The Hollies and "Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick" by Ian Dury. The signal was peaking at 35434. Initially I thought the ID jingles said "Telstar" Radio, but I later had doubts as someone on the Chat suggested Deltrax radio. I tend to think it was Telstar, but maybe Delta or similar. Moral of the story... make sure those jingles are clear after they have travelled through the ether and been phase distorted etc.

A index = 4, K index = 1, SN = 20 @ 1848 UTC


  1. Your UNID on 6320, Friday 9th ?
    Very weak stn on 6320 this aft' (from 1549) with pop oldies, IDs in E (much too weak)
    1612 "My query Ann", 1614 "Lion sleeps tonight"
    maybe same stn heard on th past weeks around 6320 (+- 50Hz)
    1617 talking again, pop, ...

  2. heard till s/off at 1913 UTC, withmore and more IDs, still not ok, soundig like R. Scotland or R.Sortwave (?)
    maybe with NW England and SW Scotland target, said test transmission several times,using modified offshore jingles

    1. Sorry, the switch off was at 18.13 UTC...

    2. Hi Ray,

      Many thanks for the information. I will keep listening around that frequency. The station I heard was playing English language music also.