Thursday, 29 March 2018

Global HF weekend: March 30, 31, and April 1, 2018

From Andrew ( The idea behind the Global HF Weekends is to promote friendship through radio around the world. The hope is that listeners will be able to hear different stations and for broadcasters to reach distant locations. Anyone may participate.

The last one, which occurred during the first weekend of November 2017, was very successful. A handful of North American stations were reported on Europe and vice versa. South American stations were heard in the North. Other stations were active specifically for the weekend, but just for a local or regional audience.

We'll see how many stations show up during the next GHFW. It seems unlikely that stations will be using 13 meters this time and much more likely that stations will be trying the 6900-kHz range and possibly 31 and 25 meters.

March 30, 31, & April 1, 2018
Maybe 15010-15090 kHz, probably 6200-6400 kHz and 6800-6990 kHz

Of course, these were general frequency ranges used by pirates during prior Global HF Pirate weekends. Some stations will surely operate on frequencies and times outside of these ranges. In fact, the way conditions have been lately, frequencies at or below 15 MHz seem like they will be more effective for intercontinental broadcasting. These will be updated on the Hobby Broadcasting ( blog as it happens and also check the loggings on HF Underground (

Pirate hunt "Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä" 2018

From Jouni ( Pirate hunt "Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä" 2018 will be held during Easter 2018 (March 30th - April 1st). We try to keep rules simple:

Log as many PIRATE stations as possible between March 30th 0000 UTC and April 1st  2359 UTC.
All bands are accepted but only stations without license are counted (no relays by  legal stations).
Stations with many names shall be counted only once.
ID has to be heard or identification should be otherwise confirmed. QSL or recording  is not necessary.
Post your full logs on forum (,  Facebook
group  or by e-mail staff @, during or after the contest, but until April 30th, 2018.
Participating is free for anyone and all participants will receive a diploma later.
Results will be published in May.
Everyone is warmly welcome

Pongaa piraatti pääsiäisenä 2018 is organized by a local radio club: Sisä-Suomen Radioaktiiviset

Both these events should give us plenty to listen to this weekend. Let us hope for at the very least some reasonable conditions on the bands!

Logs of Thursday 29th March 2018

Freq Time
1660 2053 Kristal - 35544 “’T Meisje Uit M’n Dromen” van Exit
1625 2158 Pandora - 35434 “Egerlander Marsch” by Die Egerlander Musikanten, ID and chat in Dutch

A index = 3, K index =2, SN = 0 @ 2145 UTC

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