Friday, 16 March 2018

Logs of Friday 16th March 2018

I am sitting in the living room of a cottage in the Yorkshire Dales not far from Sedbergh (Cumbria) with the temperature hovering aroun 0 degrees C. I am having a few days walking holiday here in the North of England. As I type this I am listening to Pandora on 1625 with a very clear and listenable signal. He has just identified and said hello to some listeners. I am using the Tatung (Sangean ATS-803a clone) and the Tecsun loop.

Freq Time
1626 2311 Pandora - 45544 "Osez Josephine" par Alain Bashung, ID, "E' Tutto Un Attimo" by Anna Oxa @ 2317
1646 2341 Vrolijke Mijnwerker - 45434 "Sun Of Jamaica" by Rumba Del Mar, "Mississippi" by Pussycat @ 2348
1655 2358 Witte Raaf - 35534 "Another Brick in The Wall (part2)" by Pink Floyd, "I'm A Boy" by The Who @ 0015

A index = 18, K index = 3, SN = 11 @ 2345 UTC


  1. Lovely area of the world, Terry. Not too far from me; hope you weren't snowed in!

    1. Thanks for leaving a message. The Dales are my favourite part of the UK. I didn't get snowed in, but to be truthful I did not venture out in the car on Sunday.I had a brisk and very windy walk!