Friday, 20 April 2018

Logs of Friday 20th April 2018

Hi, I am back on here after a short stay in my local hospital. Hopefully, normal service will be gradually resumed! I had a quick listen earlier and I will increase my time at the listening post as I get better and things become more comfortable.

Freq Time
6205 1805 Laser - 35333 “Strange Magic” by Electric Light Orchestra
1620 1807 Edelkampioen - 35434 “Down In The Boondocks” by Billy Joe Royal, “Als Het Vriest in Madagascar” @ 1814
1656 1820 DB - 35434 “Oldies” “Jump Back” by The Beatles, “Mighty Joe” by Shocking Blue @ 1825, @ 1835 “Baby Come Back” by The Equals, ID as (Dikke Bertha)

A index = 3, K index = 5
SN = 14, SFI = 70 @ 1838 UTC


  1. Hope that would be a false alarm. Bon rétablissement !

    Check HF Underground....


  2. Ray rules HF Underground... radio is a good hobby for those recuperating, as long that is that there is something worth listening to!

    All the best, Terry.

  3. That was to say 48m is not dead yet (but generally it's only as an aid for US dxer on evenings).

    Remembering when I was dx-ing with a foot up on the desk...