Friday, 6 April 2018

Logs of Friday 6th April 2018

So many stations on air this evening and no IDs. I have patience, but not to listen for hours before ending up with no ID at all. Is there any point? (1670, I am talking to you!)

And a big thank you to all stations who were on air and are happy to give their ID.

Freq Time
6205 1811 Laser 3-45434 Talking about free FM radio in East London in the past
6285 1813 Coast FM 45544 “Crash” by The Primitives, Awesome 80s show, “We Are Family” by Sister Sledge
1629 1819 Dolfijn 3-45444 Dutch music, ID @ 1824, “Dear Mrs. Applebee” by David Garrick
1655 1849 Relmus 35434 “Outlaw In ‘Em” by Waylon, ID jingle @ 1855
1620 1852 Utopia 35434 ID jingles, “Apache” by Starfighter, “Let’s Twist Again” by Chubby Checker, 45544 @ 1936
6267 1921 Mustang 24232-3 “The Winner Takes All” by ABBA, ID @ 1924, 35333 @ 1927 with “Like A Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan
6375 1929 Harmony 35434 “Marie” by Al Bowlly

A index = 9, K index = 2, SN = 0 @ 2116 UTC


  1. Hello Terry, I totally agree ! I believe this 1670 to have been one of our signal-strength-booming fellows, who is well known to use the id's of other stations at times. I have been tricked several times. One of the id's he used this time was Radio de Ster.

    1. Thanks for the comment. I also think I know who it was, but there were others last night that I got fed up waiting for the ID! All part of the hobby, I guess!

  2. I agree .... it is frustrating when stations play non-stop music for hours on end then sign off without an ID.

    1. Hi ukdxer and thanks for the comment. I struggle to see the point of transmitting on air without an ID or chat of some sort. I would rather play a few tunes in my studio... but it takes all sorts I guess!

  3. From a subjective viewpoint I don't understand the interest in the ubiquitous Dutch stations. Saying "hello, 1,2..." a few times and playing the same music might to some be novel, but to me is nothing but a snoozefest. Identikit stations with little differentiation that periodically change their names makes it all just rather irritating. All though a matter of opinion and taste, so as you intimate, Terry, it takes all sorts.