Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Logs of Wednesday 5th December 2018

On my way home from work at around 2015 I tuned the car radio to the top end of the Medium Wave to see if there were any Dutch free radio stations that I could hear. I tuned to 1620 (the radio will only allow 9 kHz steps) and lo and behold there was a Dutch station playing Dutch station style music, i.e. instrumental and Dutch music. (And why not?). It soon became apparent that I was listening to Turftrekker who was transmitting on 1521 kHz. He chatted away thanking listeners and sending greetings to one or two listeners and then he said "until the next time", so clearly was about to close down. Thanks Turf for keeping me company on the way home!

Freq  Time
1621 2115 Turftrekker 35434 Listened on car radio on way home somewhere around 2115 to 2130. Dutch style radio programme instrumental music etc. Clear ID several times and greetings to listeners.
1629 2132 Spakenburg 35434 ID, brief chat in Dutch, “Little Ship” by The Blue Diamonds, greetings to me 
1638 2317 Morgenster 35333 reporting to other stations (in QSO), chat in Dutch, polka style music

A index = 8, K index = 1
SFI = 70, SN = 0 @ 2319 UTC


  1. Hi Terry. Great you heard Turftrekker on the car radio. I find it incredible that you can drive around listening to little Dutch MW pirates here in England. In the summer I caught Batavier on 1620 on the car radio - I couldn't believe my ears!

    1. Hi David. Yes it is going to be a habit now. I will tune in on as many evenings as I can! Have heard Bluebird and also Marianne up until this evening! Indeed it is amazing how far a MW signal will travel with relatively low power.