Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Dr. Tim

Dr. Tim on air at a Summer meeting in the Netherlands in 2017

Those of us who have been around in the world of free radio on the Short waves over the years will know the name of Dr. Tim. 

He was a champion of pirate radio and liked nothing better than stringing up a longwire between two trees and attaching a portable transmitter for 48 metres, car battery and sound source; originally a cassette player and latterly I suspect a MP3 player. 

He would run low power and often gave his station a variety of names, including Radio BZN, because "Annie" was one of his favourite ladies.

I met him on a couple of occasions and I shall miss his vitality and his passion for pirate radio. All the best to Dr. Tim's family. 

SWCH published more details (reproduced here in English):

This morning the news came in that Werner (Radio Doctor Tim) from the shortwave has passed away on Sunday.
Werner had been hospitalized with pneumonia and died from the illness.
The swcholland team wishes the family and friends a lot of strength.

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