Monday 26 February 2024

 Logs of Friday 23rd February 2024

Freq  Time
1638 2106 Luka 35444 “Suzie Q” by CCR
1655 2110 Yogi Beer 4-55444 “Fly With Me To Malibu” by Ricky King
1625 2123 Turftrekker 45444 ID and chat, “Pulstar” by KOTO


On Saturday, March 2nd, a new program from Radio Igloo will be on air.
The West Coast DX-Club will have a listening camp in a cabin in the woods north of Gothenburg next weekend.
To draw attention to this, Radio Igloo will be on air with a new program with a mix of information and music with Swedish artists. 
For the first time, the program will be broadcast simultaneously from at least four different transmitters, on different frequencies and from different locations in Central Europe. 
This has been possible thanks to our radio-friends in Central Europe.
The program will be broadcast on Saturday March 2nd 17.00 Central European Time (16.00 UTC) on 5010 or 5040, 5840 ,6260, 6300 kHz (or on free frequencies nearby).
Presumably the program will be rebroadcast the following day at 15.00 CET but then only on 6300 kHz.
We appreciate reports on our program, preferably with an audio clip and with comments on the content of the program. 
Correct reports will be answered with a new e-QSL. 
Send your reports to

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